Victim of Circumstance or Creator of Experience?

Posted by on Jun 2, 2011 in Become a Creator, SWD | Comments Off on Victim of Circumstance or Creator of Experience?

In principle 8 of my  book, Stop Workplace Drama, I talk about how to focus your attention by looking for evidence.

What you focus on expands. So, for example if  you want to gain new business, start focusing on the evidence of new business coming to you.

If you want better workplace relationships, start looking for the evidence of the greatness in others.  You will bring out their best and you will be happier.

And speaking of happiness, who doesn’t want to be happier?
if you want to be happy, start focusing on all in your life to be grateful for, including your boss, your customers, and your own staff.

Recently I conducted a two-day training  in partnership with Briefings Media.  It was in Orlando Florida and this program is entitled Workplace Conflict Training Camp.

Before I start a training I always do a little prayer of gratitude and I “breathe in” the brilliance of all the attendees.  This seems to help me see the evidence before me…evidence that others have things to share that I can learn.  Evidence that even in an intense learning environment there can be much laughter and fun. Evidence that so many people are committed to personal growth even in times of uncertainty.

So, if you don’t like what is showing up in your life or business, what evidence are you looking for? Are you looking for evidence that life is hard; that your employees don’t care; that your boss is a jerk; that there’s not enough time; that no matter what you do it’s not enough?

The key is to learn how to focus your thoughts and to master your mindset so you start seeing new evidence. That is when you become a creator of your experience, rather than a victim of circumstances.

I have evidence that there is goodness all around me, that work can be fun, that there is much still yet to be learned.
Thank you to all the participants who joined me in Orlando.  I’m looking forward to Seattle, Boston, Vegas and Washington DC in the near future.