Your  company promotes Kim, the rising star but doesn’t give Kim the development needed to ensure success. Kim’s open door policy becomes a revolving door of complaints, excuses, and regrets. Kim doesn’t know where to start. Kim avoids difficult conversations because of a lack of skills, lack of confidence, and fear of conflict. As a result Kim’s employees lose trust, morale is lowered, absenteeism rises and turnover is the next sign of workplace drama.

We Need a Workshop!!

When Kim’s boss, the owner or the Human Resources director calls us about Kim, the drama has usually gotten out of hand. The first words are usually, “We need a workshop! (Wouldn’t it be great if a workshop really was a magic bullet?) Truth be told, if you knew how to fix the problem, wouldn’t it already be fixed?

We believe in being transparent so here’s something you need to know:  A workshop can be a nice starting place, but you will be disappointed if you expect to solve a multi-faceted problem with a one-and-done workshop. Stop Workplace Drama workshops can start a transformational process, but sustainability happens through practice and support, and identifying the correct initiative.

So, do you need a workshop?

Maybe. We do them all the time. Workshops are perfect for association meetings. Workshops are fantastic if your company has a once a year retreat or a quarterly leadership development initiative. We also do workshops as part of bigger initiatives, so don’t get the idea that workshops aren’t a great idea. We love them!

Kim might pick up a technique or two. Who knows Kim might be a fast learner and be motivated to practice, practice, practice.

But, don’t forget…

Kim might also need coaching.  You may need consulting to develop a customized program for  the entire leadership team. You may need a combination of group coaching, leadership development and executive coaching. There’s no way to know exactly what you need until we have looked at your objectives and intended outcomes.

Complimentary Exploration Call
We work in many industries including healthcare, public safety, education, not for profit, and professional associations. We encourage a complimentary call, no cost to you, to see if working with us makes sense and to ensure that your expectations are aligned with what is possible. No obligations, no strings, just exploration. Ready? or 1.888.434.9085