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We offer consulting, coaching and training to help you develop your people at every level in the workplace. The result is an aligned workforce, increased engagement, and higher levels of personal effectiveness, and responsible individuals who work together for the good of the organization.

Whether you are ready for customized leadership development or want to test the waters with one of the Stop Workplace Drama Workshops or another program, we can help you get started on the journey of developing wise leaders and engaged employees to take your organization to the next level.

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7-Ways to Stop Workplace Drama in Public Safety

Strategic Communication Skills for Leaders in Public Safety


Many of these training programs have been delivered and approved by state 911 boards in North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, and Mississippi. If you are interested in bringing these training programs to your area give us a call at 888.434.9085, or email us at


“Marlene’s no-drama approach is different than anything I’ve ever heard. And I have attended numerous seminars, read and listened to audio books, always seeking strategies to help create a more productive and harmonious workplace. Our morning together left me SO hungry for more. Marlene’s wealth of knowledge; genuine concern to teach/coach folks how to become effective communicators; and her passion to share this information with others is infectious! The action plans are applicable to any business, family, couple, individual!” 

Ellen Gangway, US Probation Office