Stop Complainers by Asking This Question

Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Communication, General, SWD, Video Lessons | Comments Off on Stop Complainers by Asking This Question

One of the biggest stressors for a manager is dealing with a complainer. Perhaps you struggle with the need to listen versus the desire to avoid the conversation. Or maybe you get drawn in and try to rescue only to stir up more resistance and more drama. Or maybe you are simply uncomfortable with someone else’s discomfort, and you spend way too much time with an open door, only to feel resentment at how much time was just wasted on venting instead of producing.

 In Stop Workplace Drama,  I talk about one common element in all drama: a lack of clarity. When there is a lack of clarity you will often find a lot of complaining, which only serves to get you off course.  Complaining  points the boat to the island called “What’s Not Working” instead of the island called “Solution.” 

If you lead others, one way you can stop the drama of complaining is to help the other person get clear, and you do that by a simple communication skill of asking the right question.  You don’t do this by solving her problem, or by making her wrong for complaining.  This video offers you a simple solution in the form of one question you can ask to stop the complaining and empower the other person to get clear.