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Training Classes

iDispatch: Surviving PTSD in Communications

Post-traumatic Stress disorder doesn’t occur only to those in the field: Police, fire, medical and military. Public Safety Telecommunicators responsible for maintaining control and communicating with these first responders during life-threatening emergencies also risk attracting the disorder. This program increases awareness of PTSD in 911 Telecommunications and provides methods for reducing stress as well as resources to support the agency and the individual.

The Behavior Allowed Becomes the Standard

“Familiarity breeds contempt” could easily become a slogan of most call centers. Working in confined spaces by the same people day after day can breed negativity, gossip, and complacency. Eventually these behaviors become the accepted norm. In other words the behaviors allowed becomes the standard, and the standard becomes the workplace culture. This program opens the possibility to create a new standard of behavior that ultimately transforms the culture.

In the Line of Fire: A Telecommunicators Role in Officer Safety

Despite advancements in technology and innovations in training and situational awareness, the number of police officer deaths is staggering. The role of 911 Telecommunicators cannot be taken lightly, as they are often the bridge between life and death when working with police, fire and medical responders. When law enforcement calls for assistance, the 911 Telecommunicator be competent, well-trained and ready to give and receive direction. This is not the time to panic. This is not the time to pull the operations manual off the shelf and flip to the relevant section to learn how to proceed. This program emphasizes the role of the Telecommunicators role in officer safety and reinforces the techniques and standards to improve performance and elevate the success of the Telecommunicator.

No-Drama Leadership: Creating a New Identity

Leaders should stop workplace drama, not create it! Yet new and seasoned leaders are often unaware of how their behaviors affect the workplace. For example, ineffective decision-making lowers trust, decreases morale and hampers productivity. Misalignment and lack of clarity promotes chaos and wastes time. Acquiescing to the complainers versus empowering employees to think critically teaches employees to adopt a victim mentality. “Creating a New Identity” not your ordinary training session. This intensive training session offers on-the spot coaching, deep discussion, as well as skills practice and knowledge sharing. This program awakens leaders not only to their blind-spots but to their hidden potential and highest purpose.

I’m a 911 Supervisor, Now What?

Why do new leaders fail? Not because of their technical abilities, not because of their knowledge and not because of their potential. Newly promoted leaders fail because they have not been given the development required to succeed in their new role. This program helps the newly promoted supervisor or manager understand their new role and responsibilities, access resources, and build a support network to ensure success

Stress Under the Headset: Surviving Burnout in 911 Communications

Tragedy, natural disasters and loss are simply part of the environment for 911 Telecommunicators. No matter how fulfilling the job, or how competent the professional, Telecommunicators face many personal threats and health challenges including compassion fatigue, burn out and post-traumatic stress disorder. These personal issues affect the workplace: performance and teamwork plummets while absenteeism and liability increases. This program offers solid techniques for those in public safety to manage stress instead of letting stress manage them. The end result is renewed commitment to the job, improved performance and an overall improvement to the work environment.

Call Details: Why They Matter

In the profession of 911 telecommunications, Telecommunicators must fully understand the duties associated with their position. One particular duty that deserves significant emphasis is the requirement and expectations associated with call details and accurate documentation. The time to ensure call details should not be reliant upon your agency’s recording system. This program was developed to increase awareness of the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of Public Safety Telecommunicators when it comes to documentation and record keeping.

Managing Conflict: Five Ways to Tame the Workplace Bully

Why does the Bully bully? Because it works. When both employees and supervisors learn how to identify and confront bullying, the behaviors change and boundaries are set. This program teaches the mental, emotional and communication skills for addressing bullying behavior in the workplace. The result is an empowered and self-managed workforce.

7 Ways to Improve Your Call Center on a Shoe String Budget

There’s one fellow who runs the show in 911: The Bud Jet! The Bud Jet holds all the power through his purse strings. The Bud Jet says no to your new cad system. The Bud Jet says no to training. The Bud Jet says there’s no money for (fill in the blank). What can you do when the Bud Jet says “No”? Come to this program and we’ll show you innovative ways to get the job done on a shoestring budget.

Are You Following the Pack or Leading It?

There’s a reason your parents said, “If John jumped off a cliff would you jump too?” It’s easy to follow the pack instead of making choices based on your highest values. If your workplace seems to be overcome with negativity, gossip, backstabbing and other distractions now is the time to take a stand. This program inspires and motivates future leaders and seasoned leaders alike to self-examine, step up the game, and lead by example instead of unconsciously following the pack.

7 Ways to Stop Workplace Drama in Public Safety

Nowhere is the impact more dangerous than in public safety. Internal drama puts you at risk for more than just a headache. Loss of focus can lead to a lawsuit, or even a lost life. You already deal with the public’s drama. You don’t need it at work. This program packs a punch offering real-life examples from the world of public safety and 911. Participants are invited to engage in lively group discussions to discuss their managerial concerns and get solutions and practical ideas right on the spot. Real-world application for today’s leader in the public safety and 911 field.

911 Succession: Are You Ready?

Handling emergencies is part of the job. However there’s one emergency you should never have to handle: Losing and replacing key employees unexpectedly. Succession planning is the preventative measure that ensures you are still in charge of managing the emergencies instead of becoming one.

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