Strategic Communication Skills for Leaders in Public Safety

Four Part Virtual Teleseminar or On-site Training Program

When a leader gets promoted it is usually because of technical abilities or job performance. Yet, leading others requires more than a positive work ethic or understanding of the job. When a leader is promoted without knowing how to communicate strategically, drama erupts. The open door becomes a revolving door of complaints. Difficult conversations are avoided in order to keep the peace.

Negativity becomes a critical distraction, and low morale follows. The end result is absenteeism and eventually turnover. This four part virtual seminar gives new leaders the necessary skills and helps seasoned leaders make necessary course-corrections.

Class 1:  Moving Communication Skills from Soft to Strategic

  • Understand the difference between soft and strategic communication skills
  • Evaluate your communication effectiveness
  • Recognize ineffective communication patterns
  • Call out destructive behaviors without creating defensiveness

 Class 2:  Creating a Culture of Responsible Language

  • Identify the four main patterns that signify irresponsible language
  • Analyze the workplace engagement to enable a transformational shift
  • Apply skills to turn negative communication into positive cooperation
  • Create an empowering environment using coaching skills to elevate performance

 Class 3:  Having Difficult Conversations

  • Analyze the situation to evaluate what the real problem is before having a difficult conversation
  • Apply a five part process to hold a difficult conversation that helps the employee elevate performance
  • Create new expectations and set new boundaries
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of performance improvement

 Class 4:  Putting it All Together

  • Synthesize a case study to evaluate learning
  • Q and A to answer specific questions or close any skills gaps

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