Stop Workplace Drama in Your Healthcare Practice 

Whether it’s the backstabbing, power struggles, the “untouchable” employee or bullying, drama is a part of every healthcare facility. It’s a huge distraction and can be detrimental to great patient care. Drama can translate into turnover, absenteeism, poor morale, and impact on your profits.

Leaders who work in healthcare, emergency medical, private practice, social work and other high stress environments experience mental stress, burnout, and even a higher turnover rate than other professions due to the demands of their profession and the complexities of their work.

Stop Workplace Drama leadership development training helps those in high-stress environments to gain the skills to master their energy so they can focus on the mission and purpose of the organization.

Whether it’s your directors of nursing, your management team, or a mixed group, attendees gain the skills to sharpen  communication, the confidence to initiate difficult conversations and significantly elevate their leadership competencies.

Added benefits include increased personal effectiveness, higher productivity and a sense of well being.

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Marlene, I cannot tell you how much your presentation was appreciated. I have heard great comments from our clerical staff to our doctorally prepared faculty. You packed a mighty wallop into a short amount of time.

Anne Brett
President of Cox College of Nursing

Thank you Marlene! It was absolutely everything I expected and more!!! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments.
Tricia Wagner, DNP, GNP-BC
Administrative Director Medical Nursing