You Either Get it or You Don’t

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There is something that many people do not get. I want to shine the light on these issues so that more people get this fact: Transparency is not a choice, it is a given. There is no more hiding. If the reality of your corporate culture is out of alignment with your stated mission, that information will eventually come to light. As a leader, the decisions you make, or the information you avoid will be revealed. Anything you say may be on social media the next day. You can’t delete your text message you wish you wouldn’t have sent. That message is stored in the ethers and can be retrieved.

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Lesson #2 Why We Fear Accountability?

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Any time there is a disaster, natural or otherwise, and where people suffer, you will hear the statement, “Who is going to be held accountable?” Do you hear the judgment and blame in that statement?

The reason accountability has a negative connotation is because we have confused the witness with the judge. We do not actually fear accountability. We fear judgment.

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Lesson #1: The Two Parts to Accountability

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After the usual holiday season I noticed my clothes fitting a little tight. Time to increase activity and adjust the diet and to ramp it up, time to “call Jenny.” Why Jenny?  It’s not about the ease of grabbing a pre-packaged meal so you don’t have to think. It’s not necessarily about the portion control. For me, it’s about the accountability. It’s about me giving up my excuses and putting measurement to my goals, and while I know I can do it alone, without a good accountability system, it’s also easy to avoid, deny or cheat. Is this an issue...

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Five Ways to Communicate More Strategically

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Observable behaviors such as complaining, failing to follow through on promises, dropping balls, being difficult to get along with and procrastinating are all forms of communication—and not the strategic kind.

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Lesson #3 How Communication Impacts Your Brand

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You are always communicating whether you mean to or not. When your communication is one-way people assume your message is “I’m more important than you,” or “I’m so busy that I don’t have time.” Others may think you are just unorganized, didn’t care, or didn’t get the message. Of course these reactions are just interpretations based on experience and the filter in which others see the world. Fair or not, we all make assumptions, judgments and stories about each other. The best way to make sure the story fits is to align your walk with your talk.

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Lesson #2 Strategic Communication or Manipulation?

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Last week I introduced the idea that good communication is imperative, and should be perceived as a strategic versus touchy-feely; a skill versus a frill. It’s time to give proper respect to developing communication skills. We do this by viewing communication as a strategy. We use strategy when we focus on the outcome and remain aware of our intentions. The one common skill that every successful person needs is the skill of conscious strategic communication.

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Lesson #1 Touchy Feely versus Strategic

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In your personal life and in your professional life you will have to constantly deal with who have less ability to communicate, less awareness of their emotions and triggers, and those who are very short sighted, impatient, self-serving and less than articulate. Doesn’t it make sense strategically to be the one who is more aware, more capable, more articulate and more strategic?

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Four Reasons For Any Relationship Problem: Lesson #4

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Over the last three weeks I’ve written about several reasons we have relationship problems. If you don’t have authenticity in your personal relationships, chances are the same pattern is present in your workplace relationships and in your leadership. This weeks article we’ll focus on the fourth reason for relationship problems.

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Four Reasons For Any Relationship Problem: Lesson #3

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There are only four reasons we have relationship problems with anyone. The first is that we do not speak our truth. The second is we do not set appropriate boundaries. This week I’m talking about the third cause of all relationship problems: Thinking You are Responsible for Other People

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Four Reasons For Any Relationship Problem: Lesson #2

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It stands to reason that if you aren’t speaking your truth, you probably aren’t setting appropriate boundaries either. Last week we talked about the first of four reasons for all relationship problems: Failure to speak your truth. This week I want to talk about the second reason for relationship problems: Failure to set an appropriate boundary. Failing to set an appropriate boundary may cause serious damage to your relationships.

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