7-Ways to Stop Workplace Drama in Public Safety

Have you ever heard…”That’s not my job! I don’t get paid to do that! That’s not fair. Judy just called in sick at the last minute! “

Complaining, back-stabbing, manipulation, tattling, and power struggles can make even the best manager want to throw in the towel. Negativity spreads like a virus and impacts the productivity, well-being and culture.

The Impact of Drama in Public Safety

Nowhere is the impact more dangerous than in public safety. Internal drama puts you at risk for more than just a headache. Loss of focus can lead to a lawsuit, or even a lost life. You already deal with the public’s drama. You don’t need it at work.

Your presenter Heather Joyner facilitates this content-rich workshop while sharing her insights as an industry peer and manager who used the Stop Workplace Drama methods to transform her 911 center. Heather is also a nationally certified instructor of The 8 Steps of Empowerment learning system based on Stop Workplace Drama.

Say No to Boring Lectures and Canned Presentations!

This workshop packs a punch offering real-life examples from the world of public safety and 911. Participants are invited to engage in lively group discussions to discuss their managerial concerns and get solutions and practical ideas right on the spot. Real-world application for today’s leader in the public safety and 911 field.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the top four concerns manager’s face
  • Identify the resources managers need to improve the workplace
  • Discuss facts about the impact of negativity
  • Uncover the truth about stress and the hidden payoffs of being stressed
  • Examine three common myths contribute to even more stress
  • Learn seven practical steps to realign your team and stop drama
  • Apply leadership skills to effectively reduce negativity and gossip
  • Build a collaborative workplace


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